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Buying BNB on the official Binance trading platform is the most popular way through which most investors acquire digital assets. Binance provides several methods to buy any cryptocurrency, including its native token. These include:

Third-party payment channels such as Simplex, Banxa, and Paxos.

Step 1: Set up a Binance Account

If this is your first time using Binance, you must register for an account by going to the Binance homepage. Before moving on to the next steps, you will also need to confirm your identification (see our detailed Binance KYC guide).

Account-holders have the option to forego this step and just log in to their accounts using their username, password, and second-factor authentication credentials.

Step 2: Find the cryptocurrency buying page.

Hover your cursor over the [Buy Crypto] link in the top navigation bar of the Binance homepage, then choose the [Credit/Debit Card] choice from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Provide the transactional information.

Choose the cryptocurrency you wish to buy in the transaction form to get started.

To access a selection window, click the crypto icon located on the [Receive] tab. You can scroll or use the search bar to find the BNB token.

Now choose the fiat currency that is accepted by your selected payment method next. To see the list of supported national currencies, select the fiat symbol under the [Spend] tab.

The list is arranged alphabetically, so you may use the search bar or scroll down to locate your favorite option.

Enter the amount you wish to transact after choosing the appropriate assets. In our illustration, we opted to exchange USD for BNB. You can choose to enter your desired purchase amount in either USD or BNB.

Binance’s Recurring Buy Feature

Start by turning on the toggle button if you want to configure this function. Just below the button, a selection link will appear.

The various configuration options will appear once you click on this link. Pick a buying cycle that is convenient for you.

Step 4: Now Make a Payment

You must link your payment card to Binance if you’re using the credit/debit buy option or Binance for the first time. To link your card, select [Add new card] on the follow-up screen.

To add a payment card to your Binance account, simply enter the necessary information like the card details and click [Next].

Step 5: Confirm the transaction

Your newly connected card will be listed and preselected by default on the payment page. To get to the confirmation page, click the [Continue] button. Check to ensure that the purchasing information is correct. The confirmation page also displays the transaction’s cost.

To complete the purchase, choose [Confirm]. Binance will request the second-factor authentication code as proof of your identification.

The transaction will be completed quickly, and the BNB tokens will be placed into your [Fiat and Spot] wallet.

How to Buy BNB on Trust Wallet (Step-by-step)

For iOS and Android smartphones, there is a mobile cryptocurrency wallet app called Trust Wallet. Without opening an account with a centralized exchange, it is the most straightforward method of purchasing BNB.

Furthermore, in order for the credit card payment to be performed, you must register for a third-party service. As a result, even if you are not required to open an exchange account with a company like Binance, you will still need to give someone your identity.

The advantages of purchasing BNB using Trust Wallet include speed and convenience.

Step 1: Get Trust Wallet

You must have Trust Wallet installed on your mobile device before continuing. Go to the download page and choose the relevant link as displayed above.

The next step is to establish a new wallet or use the backup phrase to restore an existing wallet. Make sure to backup your recovery phrase whenever you create a new wallet by writing it down and keeping the paper in a secure location.

Step 2: Launch Trust Wallet.

Open the Trust Wallet app on your smartphone, then select the [Tokens] option from the top menu.

From the home screen, there are two ways to go on. You can either pick an asset by clicking on the [Buy] button in the page’s middle, then. Alternatively, you may scroll down and choose the asset you wish to buy by pressing it to see additional details, then click to purchase it on the next screen.

Before we go any further, it’s important to note that Trust Wallet has included both kinds of BNB here under various labels to distinguish them from one another.

On the Binance Chain (BC) network, the token known as BNB is the BEP-2 variant, whereas the token known as Smart Chain is the BEP-20 variant on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network.

You can engage with decentralized applications (dApps) on the BSC network using BNB on the Smart Chain, while the other BNB token is the chosen native token of the Binance DEX platform.

Choose your preferred choice by clicking (tap) on it.


Step 3: Purchase BNB

There are two [Buy] buttons on this screen that you may press to buy BNB. One is toward the top of the screen, while the other is toward the bottom. If you already have any BNB in your wallet, the second button won’t be visible.

There are further choices available here, such as receiving or sending BNB.

Step 4 – Make your payment

The quantity of BNB tokens you want to buy in your selected fiat currency will be asked for on the following screen by Trust Wallet.

You will be sent to the partner website to complete the payment after entering the amount and tapping the [Continue] button.

As previously noted, in order to start the transaction, you will need to supply your email address and credit card information. Confirm the transaction and approve the purchase when you are finished.

As soon as the payment is accepted, which should happen fast if you are using a credit/debit card, the BNB tokens will be transferred into your Trust Wallet account. Your wallet now contains your Binance Coins.

The Conclusion

How to Buy BNB through trust wallet and Binance has been described in this article as a means of purchasing BNB Coin, which will eventually let you purchase MDCx tokens.