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6 Simple Steps for Buying MDCx on PancakeSwap

You might be wondering how to use PancakeSwap to make purchases if you’ve just connected your smart wallet to the platform. It’s vital to remember that PancakeSwap only allows the trade of BEP-20 tokens; as a result, you cannot purchase coins on the site using a conventional currency like the US dollar. This post will explain how to purchase coins on PancakeSwap and offer advice on the top currencies available right now.


How to Buy MDCx on PancakeSwap?

Purchasing on PancakeSwap is simple once your wallet is linked and set up. Simply check to see whether you already have some MDCx tokens in your wallet. This must include part of the BNB that PancakeSwap utilizes to deduct transaction costs.


1· Go to the PancakeSwap Exchange page

If it didn’t redirect to the swap page go to the PancakeSwap website ( ‘Trade’ should be in the upper-left corner. Click on it to go to the ‘Swap’ page. This is where you’ll carry out your transaction.


2· Select BNB to buy MDCx

On the Swap page, on the right, there is a little exchange calculator. Select BNB if it’s not selected by using the drop-down option in the top area.



3 · Choose MDCx to BUY

Using this same calculator, use the drop-down menu in the bottom section to choose the MDCx token. If it’s not available copy and paste the contract address given below

Contract Address – 0x059B48B476564e2aD200fc68BBA8Dc0803157732



4 · Enter the amount

You can specify how many coins you want to receive or how many coins you want to swap. When you enter an amount into one of the fields, the other field is automatically computed for you.


5 · Review the details and click ‘Swap’

You can confirm that Swap once you’ve verified that all of the sums are right and that you’re satisfied with the costs and slippage tolerance. Set slippage tolerance by clicking on the settings icon before swapping- 15%.


6 · You’re done!

You’ve just purchased MDCx tokens with PancakeSwap! A popup will appear informing you that the transaction has been submitted, as well as a link to your transaction information on BscScan.


How to buy on PancakeSwap with Trust Wallet?

If you have an Android or IOS smartphone, you may use the Trust Wallet app to buy MDCx on the PanckeSwap exchange.

1 · Go to your Trust Wallet app.

2 · Navigate to DAPPs if you’re an Android user, or Browser if you’re an IOS user. This should be near the bottom of the screen.


3 · Locate PancakeSwap. This is usually under the ‘Defi’ section. And if you are an IOS user go to the pinksale link.

4 · You’ll be directly taken to the PancakeSwap exchange page from there.

5 · Enter the desired amount and confirm the PURCHASE!