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MDCx the first health token that uses data as an asset that gives value to the coin.

This token can be used as a means of payment in the industry or as an investment vehicle.

The data obtained through Datium, the first database of healthcare data processed by its exclusive Xilo Artificial Intelligence system, is tokenized and valued MDCx.


How it works

Artificial intelligence healthcare database system

Unlike other digital coins, MDCx is backed by a solid business model, whitch is Datium

MDCx uses proof of brain technology, harnessing for mining the data shared in Datium

MDCxCoin is the Token representation of the data produced in Datium.

MDCxCoin is the future payment method in the health industry.

Earn MDCxCoin From every answer given in Datium.

Artificial intelligence healthcare database system

Unlike other digital coins, MDCx is backed by a solid business model, whitch is Datium

MDCx uses proof of brain technology, harnessing for mining the data shared in Datium

MDCxCoin is the Token representation of the data produced in Datium.

MDCxCoin is the future payment method in the health industry.

Earn MDCxCoin From every answer given in Datium.

We are a multidisciplinary team of professionals

Doctors, psychologists, lawyers, economists, developers and programmers, who have been working for years in the area of technology applied to health.

Datium was born as a response to a specific need in the industry: have more information when making decisions that impact everyone’s lives.

Leveraged on the knowledge contained by each of us as patients, professionals and industry agents, and based on the fact that we must be rewarded for what we know, this business model was born.

Datium aims to transform the industry.

It is a large database of COLLECTIVE KNOWLEDGE that, through cutting-edge technology such as AI, will allow us to be more assertive. This, supported by conclusive statistical data for a better prevention – diagnosis and prognosis of health.

Meet the team

Sebastian Ponceliz


Economist specialized in cryptoeconomics, with more than 15 years of experience in the laboratory, health industry and corporate finances.

Ignacio Alonso


Business Administrator & Accounting
High caliber and dynamic business developer and operations executive. More than 20 years of experience in international business development and a solid commercial vision within international organizations in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Experience in multi-project management. Creation of companies and scaling them to large operations.

Guillermo Mendioroz


Developer - RPA
Automation anywhere, UI Path, Blue Prism.
Database, SQL and Excel programming.

Jacqueline Preibisch

Business Development & Communications Manager

Psychologist with a Master in Cognitive Behavioral Psychology, with more than 15 years of experience in the Marketing and commercial area. Entrepreneur, I developed my own telepsychology company in 2019.

Andres Talgham

Financial Advisor

Public accountant, financial analyst, & entrepreneur.
10 years of experience in cryptocurrencies advising on DEFI projects, DAO focused on Farming and physical and virtual mining.

Jose Steven

Blockchain Advisor

Blockchain Advisor, Writer and CEO of the QG project
He began his studies in cryptocurrencies in 2014. He currently has his own YouTube channel "Quieroganar" where he teaches Crypto classes and training to users.

Let’s heal the world together

Private Sale

(until December 15th):

USD 0.5860 / $MDCx

Fundraising GOAL:



Pre Sale

(February 27th):

USD 0.568 / $MDCx

Fundraising GOAL:




Public Issuing

(March 7th):

USD 0.5860 / $MDCx

Fundraising GOAL:



How to get MDCx

Download the Moneyfi wallet from your app store




Buy BNB to pair with MDCx.


Go to Settings

Copy the address of your wallet and include it in Binance to buy and sell your MDCx.


Press Releases

Our ambassadors

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    • 2020


      Launch Project Idea and Basements Datium - MDCx

    • 2022


      Launch Private Sale MDCx

    • December

      Launch Pre Sale MDCx

    • 2023



    • March

      Launch CureMD Integration in Datium

    • December

      Launch Clinical Simulators & PPE

    • 2024

      Continue bulding...

      The large healthcare database in the world

    • 2025

      MDCx will raise

      IA & DATA Science will deliver information for the industry and MDCx value will raise



    See some of the most frequently asked questions about MDCx here. Got a question that’s not on the list? Let us know below!

    How does MDCx work?

    It works like any other crypto, you can buy it on an exchange, keep it in your wallet and then exchange it, or take advantage of one of our high-yield options.

    Can I buy MDCx without registering with Datium? Is there a minimum purchase?

    Yes, by entering an exchange like Binance or currently entering from CoinTool (private series) you can acquire coins. There is no minimum or maximum purchase.

    Where Can I Trade my MDCx?

    You Can do it in P2B exchange market. We are associating with other exchanges too in order to give more options to our investors.

    What is Collective Knowledge Protocol?

    This concept, together with the transaction vali- dation mechanisms on the blockchain network, led us to devise the possibility of connecting our brains to a digital platform (Datium) so that, through the interaction of users answering questions generated by artificial intelligence and in turn , creating questions that can feed back to the miners, who get as a reward, a unit crypto account ($MDCx, an acronym for Medi- calx). In this way, the Proof of Brain was born together with the creation of a database of organic exponential growth and simultaneously starting the era of the Collective Knowledge Protocol.

    What is farming in Crypto?

    Yield farmers deposit their tokens into DeFi applications for crypto trading, lending, or borrowing. Since these investors enhance the liquidity in their chosen dApp, they’re referred to as liquidity providers. The crypto that yield farmers deposit into DeFi protocols gets locked into autonomous smart contracts.

    Yield farming is a method of earning rewards or interest by depositing your cryptocurrency into a pool with other users. The pooled funds are used to carry out smart contracts such as cryptocurrency lending that generates interest in return.

    What is a Hedge Fund?

    Hedge funds are financial partnerships that use pooled funds and employ different strategies to earn active returns for their investors. These funds may be managed aggressively or make use of derivatives and leverage to generate higher returns.

    What is PoB?

    Proof of Brain is the new way to mine crypto. At Datium, you earn crypto for every transaction you make on the platform by providing us with information. This, without harming the environment and consuming scarce resources.